Whilst 2021 represents the 25th anniversary year of me providing representation as a fully qualified  Solicitor in Preston, Lancashire, this week marks the first anniversary of my new business venture, practising as one of the first Freelance Solicitors in the country.

I started out in February 2020 with an empty filing cabinet and a head full of optimism, not expecting the nation to be in the grip of an international pandemic a few short weeks later.

It has been a liberating and fascinating experience.

I have no billing targets, no legal aid contract to manage, no obligations as an employer to comply with staff tax, national insurance or pensions obligations and a freedom to run my cases the way I want to, not as a slave to electronic time recording.

Despite the lockdown, I have been busy.

In my first year, I have opened over 70 new matters and saved over a dozen driving licences.  I have won damages for clients in the County Court and I have successfully defended proceedings for clients in both the County Court and the Employment Tribunal.  I have helped a number of small businesses with various matters and where access to specialist advice has been required, I have been a cost effective solution for clients seeking Counsel’s opinion.

I am particularly grateful to those who have referred cases to me.  My clients have come from a variety of sources but many have approached me following a word of mouth recommendation from other clients, local solicitors, accountants, financial advisers and business advisers.  It has been particularly flattering that many new clients have come back to me for further assistance and a number of these relationships are blossoming.

If you are a solicitor reading this and want to know more about life as a freelance solicitor, by all means, get in touch – I have had a number of interesting enquiries from around the country in my first year.

If you are thinking about instructing a solicitor, you may wonder why you should consider a Freelance Solicitor over a more traditional service provider.  There are a number of potential benefits.  Because I want and need your business, I ring people back and respond to their emails straight away.  You get direct access to a solicitor with 27 years’ experience.  You benefit from my low overheads, as those cost savings are passed directly on to you.  You benefit from me travelling to you to see you at your convenience, and I am not tied to traditional 9 to 5 office hours.

I am a fully qualified Solicitor, I am a member of The Law Society and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and I have full professional indemnity insurance cover in place.

There remain a number of areas of law which I can’t or won’t cover but my local experience is such that I can invariably help recommend the right person;  I don’t personally practice family law, probate, conveyancing, commercial property, large commercial or corporate transactions, personal injury claims or any legal aid work for example, but I know some very good practitioners who do.

Should you wish to get in touch, please don’t hesitate to email me at rob@rklaw.co.uk or ring me on 07767 471063.